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COED Magazine Partners With HP

COED Magazine is pleased as punch to announce the completion of our first highly successful campaign with tech giant HP. COED created a Back to School contest, for our friends at HP, called ‘Pimp Your Dorm Tech!’ Our beloved readers submitted photos of their current crappy tech they own and then voted on their favorite [...]

Ermahgerd! COED Had A Booze Cruise (August 16th, 2012)

We, the guys and girls of COED Media Group, threw our inaugural Summer Booze Cruise on Thursday, August 16th. Long story short, it was an outright success. We invited our friends, partners, advertisers, and even a Miss COED or two to enjoy a boat ride around the south bend of Manhattan. Not a bad way [...]

CollegeCandy Throws Second Annual Summer Party in NYC

This month CollegeCandy hosted its Second Annual Summer Party in NYC. We rounded up our favorite bloggers, local writers, fabulous interns and loyal readers for a night of mixing and mingling at West 3rd Common in the Village. At last year’s kick off summer party, the goody bags were a huge hit and everyone was [...]

COED Magazine and CollegeCandy Host a Titanic-Sized Giveaway

This past month we teamed up with Paramount Films to help promote their upcoming release of Titanic 3D. The goal of the promotion was to give away a pair of tickets to an exclusive Valentine’s Day screenings at 50 markets across the country. and were the only places in America to get tickets [...]

Love CMG? Follow us on Twitter!

We’ve been having so much fun updating this blog that we were all like, let’s get real modern and take it to Twitter. Yep, that’s right. We’ve made a Twitter account just for COED Media Group. Not only does it cover the latest and greatest from our three  phenomenal properties, but it also covers any [...]

CollegeCandy Redecorates with PBdorm

Years and years ago, way before iPads and parents being allowed on Facebook, I was a college freshman. And I was also obsessed with PBdorm. It was like their catalog was reading the “dream dorm” list I had in my head and I basically ended up ordering everything I saw. So you can imagine my [...]

Did You Know CMG is on Linkedin?

There are a million ways to stay connected on the interwebs. Here at CMG headquarters we’re determined to be utilizing as many of those connections as possible. That’s why we’ve created a LinkedIn company page where you can follow all our major hires, our company growth and everything else that gets you pumped up about [...]

CollegeCandy is on Pinterest!

Here at CollegeCandy, we’re all about staying ahead of the social media trends.  Earlier this year we joined the tumblr community, and now we’re on Pinterest!  Pinterest is a virtual corkboard, where you “pin” different photos, stories, articles, videos, etc. and share it with your followers.  Pinterest is what would happen if tumblr, Facebook, and [...]

Annual COED Feature Does Amazingly Well…Even For COED

Our annual December feature, 30 Most Anticipated Movies of 2011 went live this week and already blew out all our possible traffic hopes and dreams. This is the third annual installment of the list that counts down the movies everyone will be talking about in the coming year and already it has 300,000 Stumbles. In [...]

29 Sex Tips from 29 Sexperts Gets 1,000,000+ Pageviews

College is a learning experience. From learning how to do complex physics equations to learning how to manage your time to learning how to have good sex. And while colleges are more than happy to help students learn more about their academics pursuits and the best ways to to manage their time, they generally tend [...]