Miss COED 2014 Lauren Hanley to Celebrate 21st BDay in Vegas

Miss COED 2014 will be hosting her 21st birthday party at the new Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas.The big night happens on Thursday, May 8th, as our own Lauren Hanley celebrates in style at the Wynn Resort & Casino–and from the best indoor beach in Las Vegas. And keep checking COED to find out where Lauren will be partying in NYC, too…

COED Magazine Partners With HP

COED Magazine is pleased as punch to announce the completion of our first highly successful campaign with tech giant HP. COED created a Back to School contest, for our friends at HP, called ‘Pimp Your Dorm Tech!’ Our beloved readers submitted photos of their current crappy tech they own and then voted on their favorite entry to chose a winner for the college room high-tech makeover

The HP Pimp Your Dorm Tech winner was Mike Chu, with his entry Dinosaur Contemporaries. Mr. Chu fought of a fierce field of crappy tech competitors and ended up walking away with a prize package that includes such cool HP products as: ENVY 4 Ultrabook, 2311xi LED Monitor, X4000 Stashe Mouse, and Select 120 Backpack.

Vital stats from the campaign:

  • Skin impressions: 9,000,000  - click through to landing page: 9723
  • Banner Impressions: 3,000,000 – click through to landing page: 3141
  • Total Landing Page Impressions: 42,951
  • Total Submissions: 139
  • Total Votes: 8,193

COED would like to thank HP and everyone who participated in the contest for making it such a success.

Ermahgerd! COED Had A Booze Cruise (August 16th, 2012)

We, the guys and girls of COED Media Group, threw our inaugural Summer Booze Cruise on Thursday, August 16th. Long story short, it was an outright success. We invited our friends, partners, advertisers, and even a Miss COED or two to enjoy a boat ride around the south bend of Manhattan. Not a bad way to say farewell to CMG’s most successful summer so far and make a special announcement. Take a look below to see exactly how we get down.

The party began as soon as the boat pulled out from the dock. Bruvado Imports was kind enough to not only provide beer, tequila, and bourbon but also some mighty fine servers to keep everyone’s thirst quenched. Having ladies to deliver drinks is a great thing when you’re busy enjoying the best weather all week. Chowing down on Florencia 13, the finest Mexican food in NYC, also helps.

As the sun started setting and the drinks kept flowing, the party moved inside for a special announcement (more on that in the next few weeks) with the help of Miss COED May 2012. Henry Gillespie’s one-man project Popular Culture helped to get the dancing started again. In a very good way, we all learned that there’s nothing better than getting a little weird on a boat.

For fear of being fired, I can’t recount the craziness we got into but what I can do is point you in the direction of the photobooth gallery. If you see a few strange wigs and Goosebumps books, that’s because the Ermagherd! girl was the theme of the party. What? We’re internet nerds–memes make us laugh. If you were one of the people who attended, make sure to check out your photos in the gallery below or here on Facebook.

We’d like to thank Bruvado Imports and Florencia 13 for providing food and drinks; Popular Culture and Rick’s Cabaret for providing entertainment; Your Tango, Burst Media, Edelman, Woven, College Humor, T3, National Lampoon, Maxim, Bleacher Report, MLB, NY Daily News, and Heavy for attending; and Mattoos Entertainment for taking the photos.

CollegeCandy Throws Second Annual Summer Party in NYC

This month CollegeCandy hosted its Second Annual Summer Party in NYC. We rounded up our favorite bloggers, local writers, fabulous interns and loyal readers for a night of mixing and mingling at West 3rd Common in the Village.

At last year’s kick off summer party, the goody bags were a huge hit and everyone was jealous of the first 30 attendees who received the exclusive treats. For the goody bags this year, we decided to make them even better by loading them up with our favorite products from brands like Simon & Schuster, Redken and Staples. With the over 75 readers, bloggers and industry pros who stopped by, it was a wonderful opportunity to toast the end of summer while getting excited over back to school season.

Alex Gehringer is Editor of CollegeCandy.com. She likes rainbow sprinkles and puppies.

Busted Coverage Is Yardbarker.com’s Exclusive Super Bowl Media Partner

Four days of access to Radio Row at Super Bowl XLVI. Exclusive access to the GQ Super Bowl Party. Red carpet access to the Maxim Super Bowl Party. With the help of our partners at Yardbarker.com, the crew at BustedCoverage.com was able to give readers an exclusive look at this year’s Super Bowl festivities from an 18-to-35 perspective not available from major media outlets. For example, our Erin Andrews video from the GQ party has received nearly 25,000 views in 4 weeks, making it the most important pop culture video from the XLVI party circuit.

As part of our access at the GQ & Maxim parties, the lovely Ashley Salazar was granted interviews with celebrites/athletes headlined by LL Cool J, Jeff Gordon, Jim Irsay, Hines Ward, Terrell Owens, Andy Roddick, Kyle Busch, David Arquette & Takeo Spikes.

Joe Kinsey is editor-in-chief and founder of BustedCoverage.com. An Ohio native, Joe spends his day watching The View, listening to ESPN and playing fetch with his goldendoodle, Lily, while writing about the crazy side of sports.

COED Magazine and CollegeCandy Host a Titanic-Sized Giveaway

This past month we teamed up with Paramount Films to help promote their upcoming release of Titanic 3D. The goal of the promotion was to give away a pair of tickets to an exclusive Valentine’s Day screenings at 50 markets across the country. COEDmagazine.com and CollegeCandy.com were the only places in America to get tickets to this once in a lifetime event. We partnered with several major entertainment websites to push the promotion to their audiences and our marketing team promoted heavily across Twitter and Facebook. In the end we received 10,570 submissions, 246,841 total impressions on Twitter, the story
was covered on three national radio stations and a whopping 17,812,000 total Facebook impressions.

Stephen Gebhardt is the Director of Marketing for Coed Media Group. He believes there’s no photo too ridiculous for a caption contest.

Love CMG? Follow us on Twitter!

We’ve been having so much fun updating this blog that we were all like, let’s get real modern and take it to Twitter. Yep, that’s right. We’ve made a Twitter account just for COED Media Group. Not only does it cover the latest and greatest from our three  phenomenal properties, but it also covers any and all breaking new media news that you need to know to stay in the loop. Start following us today by clicking right here!

Amanda Stoneall is the Marketing Manager for COED Media Group.  She believes that cheese and wine are the essentials of life.

CollegeCandy Redecorates with PBdorm

Years and years ago, way before iPads and parents being allowed on Facebook, I was a college freshman. And I was also obsessed with PBdorm. It was like their catalog was reading the “dream dorm” list I had in my head and I basically ended up ordering everything I saw.

So you can imagine my excitement when PBdorm said they would like to team up with us to do an exclusive dorm makeover giveaway this semester. They sent a ton of awesome organizational products to our writer Anjli so she could show all the CC readers the best way to utilize it in their dorm rooms. Then, after we had those awesome videos in our hands, we gave one lucky reader everything that Anjli showed us in her redecoration tutorial. It was pretty awesome.

Check out the videos here and here. Oh, and try not to be too jealous of the winner.

Jenni is the executive director at CMG. She started her career at CMG when she wrote a series for CollegeCandy about how scared she was to graduate college.


Did You Know CMG is on Linkedin?

There are a million ways to stay connected on the interwebs. Here at CMG headquarters we’re determined to be utilizing as many of those connections as possible. That’s why we’ve created a LinkedIn company page where you can follow all our major hires, our company growth and everything else that gets you pumped up about our company.

Check it out right here and don’t forget to click follow.

Jenni is the executive director at CMG. She started her career at CMG when she wrote a series for CollegeCandy about how scared she was to graduate college.

Busted Coverage Hires Matt The Screencapper

Been waiting for nose-picking, blurry eyed, middle-finger flipping, crazy sign holding fans from sporting events? Busted Coverage, noticing a trend towards fans wanting more and more crazy, has hired Matt The Screencapper (@ParadigmShift35) to guide readers through the muddied waters of off-beat screencaps. Our goal with the position is to give readers more weekend sports coverage and more of what has made Busted Coverage a destination sports blog and utilize our growing Twitter & Facebook following. Matt’s main objectives over the next six weeks will consist of the college bowl season and the NFL playoffs.

Unique visitor numbers for BC have risen from 1mm per month in December 2010 to 2mm in November 2011 with pageviews in the 12mm to 13mm range.

Joe Kinsey is editor-in-chief and founder of BustedCoverage.com. An Ohio native, Joe spends his day watching The View, listening to ESPN and playing fetch with his goldendoodle, Lily, while writing about the crazy side of sports.