CollegeCandy Throws Second Annual Summer Party in NYC

This month CollegeCandy hosted its Second Annual Summer Party in NYC. We rounded up our favorite bloggers, local writers, fabulous interns and loyal readers for a night of mixing and mingling at West 3rd Common in the Village.

At last year’s kick off summer party, the goody bags were a huge hit and everyone was jealous of the first 30 attendees who received the exclusive treats. For the goody bags this year, we decided to make them even better by loading them up with our favorite products from brands like Simon & Schuster, Redken and Staples. With the over 75 readers, bloggers and industry pros who stopped by, it was a wonderful opportunity to toast the end of summer while getting excited over back to school season.

Alex Gehringer is Editor of She likes rainbow sprinkles and puppies.

COED Magazine and CollegeCandy Host a Titanic-Sized Giveaway

This past month we teamed up with Paramount Films to help promote their upcoming release of Titanic 3D. The goal of the promotion was to give away a pair of tickets to an exclusive Valentine’s Day screenings at 50 markets across the country. and were the only places in America to get tickets to this once in a lifetime event. We partnered with several major entertainment websites to push the promotion to their audiences and our marketing team promoted heavily across Twitter and Facebook. In the end we received 10,570 submissions, 246,841 total impressions on Twitter, the story
was covered on three national radio stations and a whopping 17,812,000 total Facebook impressions.

Stephen Gebhardt is the Director of Marketing for Coed Media Group. He believes there’s no photo too ridiculous for a caption contest.

CollegeCandy Redecorates with PBdorm

Years and years ago, way before iPads and parents being allowed on Facebook, I was a college freshman. And I was also obsessed with PBdorm. It was like their catalog was reading the “dream dorm” list I had in my head and I basically ended up ordering everything I saw.

So you can imagine my excitement when PBdorm said they would like to team up with us to do an exclusive dorm makeover giveaway this semester. They sent a ton of awesome organizational products to our writer Anjli so she could show all the CC readers the best way to utilize it in their dorm rooms. Then, after we had those awesome videos in our hands, we gave one lucky reader everything that Anjli showed us in her redecoration tutorial. It was pretty awesome.

Check out the videos here and here. Oh, and try not to be too jealous of the winner.

Jenni is the executive director at CMG. She started her career at CMG when she wrote a series for CollegeCandy about how scared she was to graduate college.


CollegeCandy is on Pinterest!

Here at CollegeCandy, we’re all about staying ahead of the social media trends.  Earlier this year we joined the tumblr community, and now we’re on Pinterest!  Pinterest is a virtual corkboard, where you “pin” different photos, stories, articles, videos, etc. and share it with your followers.  Pinterest is what would happen if tumblr, Facebook, and reddit had a child together.  Pinterest will function as an abbreviated source for all things CollegeCandy.  We already have an active following, and have started collecting pins to our favorite topics, from fashion to holidays, and a special “board” just for CollegeCandy features! As of this month, Pinterest is an invite-only social media site, but with it’s growing popularity, CollegeCandy can become the ultimate trendsetter of Pinterest!

Amanda Stoneall is the Marketing Manager for COED Media Group.  She believe that cheese and wine are the essentials of life.