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CollegeCandy Throws Second Annual Summer Party in NYC

This month CollegeCandy hosted its Second Annual Summer Party in NYC. We rounded up our favorite bloggers, local writers, fabulous interns and loyal readers for a night of mixing and mingling at West 3rd Common in the Village. At last year’s kick off summer party, the goody bags were a huge hit and everyone was [...]

COED Magazine and CollegeCandy Host a Titanic-Sized Giveaway

This past month we teamed up with Paramount Films to help promote their upcoming release of Titanic 3D. The goal of the promotion was to give away a pair of tickets to an exclusive Valentine’s Day screenings at 50 markets across the country. COEDmagazine.com and CollegeCandy.com were the only places in America to get tickets [...]

CollegeCandy Redecorates with PBdorm

Years and years ago, way before iPads and parents being allowed on Facebook, I was a college freshman. And I was also obsessed with PBdorm. It was like their catalog was reading the “dream dorm” list I had in my head and I basically ended up ordering everything I saw. So you can imagine my [...]

CollegeCandy is on Pinterest!

Here at CollegeCandy, we’re all about staying ahead of the social media trends.  Earlier this year we joined the tumblr community, and now we’re on Pinterest!  Pinterest is a virtual corkboard, where you “pin” different photos, stories, articles, videos, etc. and share it with your followers.  Pinterest is what would happen if tumblr, Facebook, and [...]

CollegeCandy Teams Up With Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is the hottest new company on college campuses and we knew as soon as we heard about them that they would make an awesome partner. But we had no idea just how awesome of a partner they would be until we launched our co-branded sweepstakes together (check it out here). In just [...]

CollegeCandy is on Tumblr

Over at CollegeCandy we’re all about keeping on top of the latest  trends in social media. That’s why, after we kept hearing the name  “Tumblr” being tossed around among our readers, we finally asked what  was up. As it turns out, Tumblr is a blogging platform that sets  itself apart by adopting the “instant-refresh” dashboard [...]

CollegeCandy Teams Up With Jeep…Again

Loyal readers of CollegeCandy know we LOVE doing giveaways.(Why else we do one every single week!?) And we love doing them up in a big way. That’s why we got super pumped when Jeep approached us to give away an iTouch and $200 this month. We thought it was nice enough that they helped us [...]

CMG Teams Up With Plndr.com

CollegeCandy and COED, like most brothers and sisters, often have a few differences. (It’s the entire basis of our He Said/She Said column.) So it’s nice when they can come together to make magic happen. Or in this case, make an awesome giveaway happen. They both teamed up with online apparel company PLNDR.com to throw [...]

CollegeCandy Goes to Mizzou

We had soooo much fun partying down at FSU that we decided to keep the show on the road. Next stop: Mizzou! Instead of throwing back shots at the bar with the girls of Missouri, we took a chill pill and chugged down martinis (and mocktails) while we got our nails done.  Because even though [...]

College Candy Goes Giveaway Crazy

We love all our loyal fans here at CollegeCandy and we’re always trying to give them back all the love that they give us. That’s why we’re working hard to offer weekly on-site giveaways to our fave readers. While we switch up the products every week, we don’t switch up the quality. So whether we’re [...]